Design of Hydraulic /Environmental Projects & Environmetal Studies

Dr Panagiotis Markantonatos was born in Athens, Greece (1960), and studied Civil Engineering at the University of Thessaloniki. Then, continued post graduate studies at Imperial College, London UK, where he took his Masters (MSc) and Doctoral (PhD) degree in the field of Public Health Engineering (1988). Coming back to Greece he works since 1989 as an independent Consultant in the field of Hydraulic/Environmental Engineering in the design of Hydraulic and Environmental projects and related Environmental studies, either individually or in collaboration with other partners. The office is officially certified for the execution of hydraulic design and environmental studies, while our partners cover a variety of related topics such as surveying, geological & geotechnical studies, electromechanical and chemical engineering studies, etc. Finally, Dr Markantonatos is also acting as part-time scientific partner at the Technical Institute of Athens in related environmental lectures.

We offer integrated services in the following topics:  WATER RESOURCES & WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT PROJECTS  DESIGN OF A VARIETY OF HYDRAULIC WORKS AND ENVIRONMENTAL FACILITIES  FINAL DESIGN STUDIES & PREPARATION OF TENDER DOCUMENTS  ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT STUDIES & ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT & STRATEGIC ASSESSMENT STUDIES  PREPARATORY & BACKGROUND STUDIES (Feasibility studies, general management studies, geological, geotechnical, hydrology studies, topographic surveying, etc).  CONSULTANCY IN PROJECT FUNDING & PROCUREMENT PROCESS OF PUBLIC WORKS (applications for funding, technical documentation, cost-benefit analysis, etc)  CONSULTANCY DURING CONSTRUCTION OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS (check up of final design studies, recommendations at construction stage, advice at startup operation). We undertake design studies for Projects in the following areas:  WATER DISTRIBUTION AND TRANSFER NETWORKS  SEWERAGE SYSTEMS FOR COLLECTION AND TRANSFER  WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANTS regarding new facilities or the rehabilitation & expansion of existing facilities  STORM WATER SEWERS & CULVERTS  RIVER ALLEVIATION SCHEMES  IRRIGATION NETWORKS  AUTOMATION AND CONTROL IN HYDRAULIC PROJECTS  HYDRAULIC WORKS IN ROAD DESIGN  WATER & ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION MANAGEMENT  E.I.S & WASTEWATER TREATMENT DESIGN FOR INDUSTRIAL, TOURIST, ENERGY, HARBOUR & OTHER ENTERPRISES  RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES Our vast experience guarantees: • Εxpertise • High quality services • Low cost project solutions • Operability of projects • Continuous customer support • Low prices

Collaborations/partners In Greece we have a wide team of partners covering various specialised topics in relation to the projects we undertake. Furthermore, we have collaboration with other Consulting firms and specialised partners, providing us the cabability to deal with a variety of related topics, such as the design, environmental permitting and financial valuation of Projects in Renewable Energy Sources, Building Energy upgrade, Water resources Management (dams, reservoirs, hydropower plants, groundwater drilling), Solid waste Management, Mining Projects and Tourism Enterprises, etc. Finally, we are open to new collaborations in the field of environmental projects and related hydraulic –energy projects, elsewhere in Europe, the Middle East and other countries.

Our clients are mainly bodies from the Public Sector, who are involved in the funding, design, construction and operation of hydraulic/environmental related projects, such as the European Union (Cohesion Fund, D.G.XI for Environment), the Hellenic Ministries of Environment, Public Works & Agriculture, a large number of Local and Peripheral Authorities, Municipal Enterprises for Water & Wastewater and other Public bodies and Institutions. Furthermore, we have clients from the private sector, such as industries, construction companies, design offices and independent consultants to whom we offer our services.


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